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2023-03-18 11:18:32
一个住在纽约的医生 mysticgenie 利用业余时间进行外汇交易,于2007年11月7日到14日的1个星期内把$1000美元变成了$126000,下面是他的交易记录以及相关的交易经验分享。

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文章标题:How I Turned 1k To 100k In A Wk!!!

mysticgenie Nov 17, 2007 11:41pm

Hi Folks,

It may sound impossible, but I turned 1k usd to more than 100k usd (126k to be precise) in a wk---I am attaching the statement from my real account (after removing the account no. et al.)--Caution to newbies, please do not trade this way---I call my this account 'wild thing' which boosts my overall return---I trade another account conservatively as per proper MM---Btw, I did the almost the same thing last mth as well turning 400 usd to 60k within 2 wks---with some experience in forex trading & a decent trading system, I believe, this feat achievable atleast few time a yr---afterall, I am only risking 1k of my capital (rest is house money).

Next time, I'll discuss how I manage this kind of trading, although the statement is pretty much self explanatory---

Hello Friendz,

Thanks for all the compliments & brickbats--lol

Some of you already pointed out the danger assoc with this system--Yes, I fully agree that you cannot trade like this day in & out---a surefire way of giving back all your profits---I already said this is my 'wild thing' account, not the usual way I trade---this is only for 'binge trading', say, I'll do this only for a wk or so & will take the profit & run--lol--yes I set a target for myself to keep myself motivated--- And during this time I hardly sleep more than few hrs a day as I always keep an eye on my account---

I took my account statement off, as one of you already pointed out the real account no. (I did not notice that it is mentioned in last column)---I like FXCM & never had any problem in withdrawing money this time or before (usually withdrawal is completed within 24-36 hrs in US)--- I think FXCM is one of best among the retail trader segment (provided you are not a scalper, i.e., 5-15 pips like thing).

I am not here to prove myself or something like that (belief is totally personal thing)---I posted my result just to show that it is possible to get an amazing return from forex in a short period of time if one keeps his/her emotions away from trading (i.e., the growth of account is directly proportional to your pain tolerance)---the moment your head starts reeling from the amount of money you won, your trading will suffer & that's the time to stop & withdraw your profits---yes I could have gone on & made it to even higher ( coz, only 1 hr after I stopped trading this account, G/J dropped like stone from BOE infiation report)--But, i decided to stay away as that was my pain tolerance for this mth--lol (I have to worry about taxes---this is the year end folks!!)

I enjoy forex trading, but I'll never take it as my profession, coz I'm already in a very noble & rewarding profession ( any American will know which one i mean)---Some of you suggested to buy a Porsche---now i'm going to drop another bomb--ready?--I don't have a driver's license yet-lol--that's my next agenda to make it happen ---and I'm also single--need to find a girlfriend also (preferably a trader who follows good MM--lol)

Lots of comments---wow, I never knew I'll stir a hornet's nest---lol--thanks smjones, tdion, imransait, budhi---all other knowledgeable folks---yes it is possible & there is nothing magical--it's just that i used a very bold MM in a way I'm going to explain later---

Oh, btw, I'm a young MD in early 30's (just to clarify some of your doubts)---I have been trading about a yr & this helps me to relax (yes it's true guyz---trading has much less stress than medicine---believe me) & I enjoy both the worlds very well---why not driving, coz I live in NYC & never felt the need of it & gave any importance before---

Regarding smjones' query: yes, I have been doing it for quite some time, but from last mth onwards raised my stake somewhat from increasing confidence level & more free time from my work--lol--did it last mth w/ 450 usd to 60k in 2 wks--- usually I'll attempt 3 times in a mth at the maximum w/ 500-1000USD at a time when I feel confident about market direction (this mth I managed this on my 2nd attempt).

Now the strategy in brief:

The strategy is very simple with some fine nuances which I'll not be able to explain fully as I also use my intuition a lot.

I use simple trend following strategy based on 4H, daily & wkly TF (PA as per James 16 thread)--- I use 1H TF for entries & exits---I also apply candlestick pattern, laguerre (see Imransait's thread) & Demark lines (Mouteki thread) for estimated target points---now I do not use any firm SLs---if the position goes a/g me (say by 100-150 pips in case of G/J), either I'll bail out & reverse (if the reverse trend is strong)or will simply hedge to try to come out b/e (minor retracements)---at the same time I keep an eye on wkly COT report (see cateful's thread) & equity markets (a big time for me as I am trading carry pairs) to assess market sentiment for that particular day---I avoid early US sessions (that's when i usually sustain my losses & market is also little undecided) & try to figure out next market direction from late US session onwards, e.g., if you see dow is closing strongly, you can be assured that asian markets will open strongly & G/J will move by atleast 50-100 pips from late US session onwards---I prefer to trade in late asian & early european sessions (besides being free from my work usually, i somehow can feel those markets better)---this is the time I'll try to increase my leverage to maximize my gains---I follow fib numbers to increase account size i.e., 1,2,3,5k----I decide on lot size as I risk b/w 15-30% on each position---I trade manually btw, no preset orders for me---i'll never forget the feeling of putting in 60 std lots in a mini account---lol


Thanks for all the encouraging words---El nacho, I put all orders manually---sometimes it took even 2 min to put all those orders in! Bt, in future, I don't have to face that if evere I emulate this feat (as per another boarder's advice, I can just type in my order)

MikeW, unfortunately I won't feature i their contest as I already withdrew my winnings (that's a/g the contest rules---)

FxKing, ---well, my entries & exits are similarly based on the threads I mentioned above---nothing different---maybe I will exit little earlier as I have more lots than usual in play---

For example, one profitable trade i put on today: a sell order in Gbp/Cad & then exit --- (S @ 2.0006 closed @ 1.9896---a total of + 110 pips gain)

happy weekend all.

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

Lots a thoughtful replies---hmmm, this thread is becoming interesting now---again, I duly acknowledge all the compliments---my purpose for this thread is to make a trader believe in his/her self & anything is possible in forex world with calculated risks & sound strategy---Just to add fuel to this discussion, I'm attaching my previous mth's statement, when I turned 500 usd to almost 50k in a mth using various crosses (this is when I first tested this strategy in a live account)---
Now coming back to pipsqueak's query, I usually attempt 3-4 times in a mth with small amounts upto 1k---I achieved 50k feat after 2 attempts & I made this 126k on my 2nd attempt this mth---so,total 176k out of 5 attempts (investment 4k usd---not bad huh! lol)


Sorry friendz---I'm travelling this weekend----hence, I won't be able to reply in timely manner---Thanks Buddhi for answering some of the boarders' queries---as for the other questions, please read thru the whole thread--- you will find the answers---

on Rogers' query, I only take on longer TFs 1H & above---

On Euclid's query, good question---although I don't follow the equation closely---I start increasing my position size from 10% of my capital onwards as my winning percentage increases along with my confidence ultimately capping at 30% of the floating capital.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just to keep this thread interesting, I'll occ post my trades here also to better explain my method (well---not exactly mine---I just synthesized from other great contributors in FF), if time permits---Sunday night is always a lazy one for me

I entered this long trade Aud/JPY @ 94.37 closed @ 95.90 (+153 pips)
I am attaching the chart---




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