HedgeStone Assets:Fraudulant

Cannot get response from the said company. Email does not exist. Whatsapp number no longer active

投诉编号: 8908
投诉对象: [HedgeStone Assets]
投诉要求: Immediate withdrawal,full refund
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投诉进度: 投诉处理中
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FG_90000352 补充投诉 09-21 05:02:43

At first i could buy in for $150. Then they by the Names of Sean Green, Charlie and then Daniel who phoned me on occasion. Point is that trades were opened without my permission. One day I got a call from Daniel in a hasty voice saying, look at your markets, it gone haywire, you need to put money or you'll loose everything. I opened the platform and stopped all the trades that were eating into the profits. I requested a withdrawl on the platform on 24 May 2022, not able to print a withdrawal form, no response from the email support@hedgestoneassets.com The withdrawal was then cancelled by Charlie.

FG_90000352 发起投诉 09-21 03:53:46

Cannot get response from the said company. Email does not exist. Whatsapp number no longer active




  • Fxgecko 发布于2022-09-21 10:23:49
    Hello, this is an unregulated fraudulent broker.
    FxGecko recommends that you first take screenshots of all trades, wallet addresses/money transfer addresses, their website, all your communications with them and any other evidence that proves they are a scammer.
    Then tell us what country/region you are in so we can advise where to report the scam.
  • Anna 发布于2022-09-21 09:27:26
    This broker has been closed. You can contact a lawyer or the police to help you investigate the investment